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University of Studies, Udine


The University of Udine was founded in 1978 as part of the reconstruction plan of Friuli after the earthquake in 1976. Its aim was to provide the Friulian community with an independent center for advanced training in cultural and scientific studies.

The University currently has the following degree programs in Agriculture, Economics, Engineering, Law, Modern Languages, Communication and Training, Humanities, Medicine and Surgery and Mathematics, Computer Science and Multimedia.

The University is actively involved in student and staff exchange projects with universities within the EU and is currently engaged in close collaboration with several universities from Eastern Europe and other non-EU countries. Moreover, the University participates in many research projects at national and international level. The present number of students enrolled at the University is approx. 17000.

Udine and its University are a point of reference in a region which is historically a meeting place and crossroads of different worlds and cultures. Geographically situated in the center of the European Union, the University of Udine plays an active role in a close network of relations, committed to sharing its knowledge and ideas. Since its establishment, Udine University has pursued the policy of internationalization, aimed at preparing students and forging relations and partnerships with universities and institutions in Europe and the rest of the world.

Udine University collaborates not only within Europe but across the globe and has long-standing connections with Africa, India, and China.