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Medical Programmes

Course Details:

The pre-medical course is not a complete medical course rather it prepares students to pursue their career as doctors or surgeons. It is considered as a mini step towards major medical education and build the strong base for their higher medical degree courses. After completing bachelor degree it is important for the student to pursue a pre-medical course, especially who want to start a career in medical field. Though, the students must have complete science and mathematics courses with high grades in order to take admissions into their preferred medical courses.

A Premedical study involves plenty of activities: Pre-Med coursework, volunteer activities, clinical experience, research, and the application process. Some of the pre-medical courses also involve major preparation-Pre-Professional. They are intended to prepare students to take admission into a variety of professional course. The duration of premedical programs in Europe can be different from country to country and University to the University from 3 to 9 months. All premedical courses are full-time. Students who have science, mathematics, and English in class 10+2 are eligible for these courses.

There are plenty of medical hubs for foreigner students in Ukraine and courses are conducted in English as well as the Russian language. There are various options for students to choose: General Biology, Inorganic Chemistry, Introduction to Anatomy and Computer Science as their major for Pre-Medical Courses. Lugansk State Medical University is one of the famous institutes in top medical schools in Ukraine which provide high-quality education by the highly skilled professional. Some other popular medical institutes or universities in Ukraine: IvanoFrankivsk State Medical University, Kharkiv National Medical University, Odessa National Medical University, V. N. KarazinKharkiv National University, Zaporozhye State Medical University etc.

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