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Peking Union Medical College


PUMCH was founded by the Rockefeller Foundation in 1921. From the very beginning, it was intended to be built into the “best Medical Center in Asia”. Over the past 99 years, the spirit of “preciseness, ever-improving, diligence, and devotion” has been passed on from generations to generations, during which a culture of compatibility also developed. The hospital has also formed the modern medical education concept of “Three Basics” and “Three Stricts”. We have been proud of our “Three Treasures”, namely, professors, case files and libraries. PUMCH has fostered many medical pioneers and masters in modern China such as Dr. ZHANG Xiaoqian and Dr. LIN Qiaozhi. In addition, generations of administrative personnel have been trained in PUMCH and spread all over China. More than ten renowned comprehensive or specialized hospitals were originated from PUMCH.

Basing on nearly 100 years’ experience, PUMCH innovatively proposed the notion for running the hospital-treat patients as family and boost their satisfaction, treat colleagues as family to boost their happiness, put forward the grand vision to build an academic, quality and humanistic PUMCH as connotation of “the century PUMCH”. Carrying out the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, PUMCH is pushing on the construction of “the Six System”: Medical Services System, Talents Training System, Science and Innovation System, Fine Management System, Open & Collaboration System, Party & Culture Building System.