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Northern State Medical University


The Northern State Medical University (NSMU) in the European North of Russia is the only institution providing medical greater education: the NSMU is Russia’s southernmost medical university. The university had contracts with North-West Russia’s six governors. The NSMU is not only a notable college centre for the region of Arkhangelsk, but also for other areas of North-West Russia (Vologda, Murmansk and Nenets regions; Komi and Karelia republics), which now has about 5,500 learners – with a total of 8,000 PG learners.

The employees are made up of 980 researchers, educators, academics and educators. The Northern State Medical University has 18 faculties. The Northern State Medical University’s history began over 75 years ago: in 1932 the Arkhangelsk Medical Institute was established. The name was changed to Medical Academy in 1994 until it was reorganized as a college in 2000.

The Northern State Medical University has been working with international partners for many years. The university has partnership contracts and participates in global meetings on a regular basis. You, the increasing number of global learners, are the other global and multicultural component in the university’s everyday lives.

One of Northern Russia’s most important towns hosts hundreds of learners from distinct areas of the globe each year. Faculty for international learners was launched at the Northern State Medical University in 2000, but the university got its first foreign learners from India, Pakistan and Syria as early as 1991/1992.

Students represent various nations throughout the globe: India, Pakistan, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Palestine, Syria, Jordan, Angola, Cameroon, Zambia, Nigeria and Peru.