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Nizhny Novgorod State Medical University


The university has a beautiful campus that consists of state-of-the-art buildings, green spaces, parking areas and pathways. The campus features excellent academic facilities such as smart classrooms, laboratories and practice centres equipped with modern technology and high-tech equipment. The campus features a sports complex that is home to all the athletic facilities. It has a gymnasium, a football facility, athletic stadiums and several indoor courts of badminton, tennis and volleyball. The university provides accommodation to students in its three on-campus hostels. The hostel rooms are provided with necessary furniture and bed linen. Each hostel building has a cafe and canteen. Each floor of the hostel is provided with a kitchen and a dining hall. Apart from this, the university extends an array of support facilities for the students. The academic structure of the university is categorised into five faculties housing several departments.

The university offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes in paediatrics, stomatology, medicine, nursing and pharmacy. It also extends various pre-medical courses. Intending to allow the students to acquire basic clinical skills, the university has collaborations with several hospitals. It has partnerships with several medical centres, scientific research institutes and clinics that provide students with the opportunities to apply their theoretical knowledge in the practice. The university is a community of different nationalities and cultures, with over 5000 students from 38 different countries of the world.

More than 800 foreign students are pursuing their medical degrees at the university. It has skilled, experienced and responsible personnel on the roll, which includes academic affiliates, administrative officers and helping staff. The teaching staff comprises more than 600 affiliates. The university has several clubs and organisations managed by the students’ association. They support cultural diversity and unity, relationship building. Further, student organisations also coordinate and organise various social and cultural events for students to participate and promote their culture. These events also provide students with the opportunity to explore and showcase their hidden talents.

Nizhny Novgorod State Medical University has a comprehensive alumni network with its graduates living in different nations across the globe. Many of its graduates are working at high posts in leading organisations, medical centres and hospitals. The alumni list also includes several notable names recognised for their contribution to the medical field