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Kathmandu University


Established in the year 1991, Kathmandu University (KU) is a public university offering education in the field of law, management, science, education, and arts. The university offers more than 140 long-term and short-term academic programs and courses from intermediate to the doctoral level. In addition to this, the university has produced 28,794 graduates (as of December 2018). KU has established strong ties with many leading institutions such as Manipal College of Medical Sciences, Nobel Medical College, Nepal College of Management and National College. It has also networked with many international institutions such as the University of Dhaka, Jinan University and Aarhus University. Apart from this, some of the non-teaching affiliations of the university are with organizations such as Aquatic Ecological Centre, Danida, Korean International Cooperation Agency and WWF.

The world-class campus of the university is equipped with a plethora of student-friendly facilities. These facilities ensure that students get a safe and comfortable educational environment. Based in Dhulikhel, the central campus of the university has a canteen, which operates the university’s hostel mess on a co-operative basis. In addition to this, the university also has two hostels on the main premises, which are the boy’s hostel and girl’s hostel. The third hostel of the university is a boy’s hostel, located in Chaukot. Hostels offer a safe environment for students and are equipped with amenities like sports ground, television and exercise machines. International students stay in a guest house, which is on the university’s premises.

Kathmandu University offers a plethora of scholarships to deserving students. Some of the scholarship schemes offered by the university are Scholarships in KU SOS (for students in KU School of Science Programs), Scholarships in KU SOM (for students in KU School of Management Programs), Scholarships in KU SOA (for students in KU School of Arts Programs) and Scholarships in KU SOED (for students in KU School of Education Programs). The university also provides the KU Educational Loan, which enables students to meet 25% to 50% of total fees charged by the university. Students must sign a contract paper with the university to avail of the benefits of this scheme. Apart from this, KU also offers graduate assistantship to deserving students.