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Uzhgorod National University

Uzhhorod National University is credited with exemplary colleges of Ukraine, holding the most astounding fourth level of accreditation. It is one of the biggest and best colleges of the Carpathian area, arranged in a brilliant understudy city Uzhhorod on the inclines of the Carpathian Mountains in Western Ukraine. The college is youthful, it was established in 1945 however it has gained a merited notoriety in a logical world, turning into the milestone and the place of graduation for ages of understudies who are working effectively both in Ukraine and different nations of the world. Uzhhorod University has framed amazing logical schools of the world recognition. It teams up with many top colleges abroad.


As per the global scientometric information, Uzhhorod National University has positioned steadily among the 10 driving logical focuses of Ukraine. Over the span of 69 years, it has worked out its own school of instructing (guidance), logical and instructive customs.

The University invests heavily in its 150 specialists of science, 136 hopefuls of science, 12 laureates of State prize, 57 Doctors Honoris Causa, 2 comparing individuals from the National Academy of science, 2 relating individuals from the parts of the National Academy of art of Ukraine.

The school personnel of the college shield up to 10 doctoral and 40 competitor papers yearly. In excess of 300 postgraduate understudies and 400 aides in 53 specialities are prepared at the University. There are five particular Academic Councils on honors of doctoral and applicant degrees in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Economy, History and Law.

Consistently the researchers of the University distribute 12 periodicals, in excess of 40 reading material and manuals, hold 30 logical meetings, half of which engage remote members.

Instructive PRIORITIES

  • Uzhhorod National University empowers the understudies to completely understand their potential and become balanced people. At present around 15,500 understudies contemplate here.
  • The college gives preparing programs in 9 specialities of Junior Specialist capability, just as in 36 fields of Bachelor projects and 84 fields of Specialist and Master Programs.
  • The development set of three is being actualized in all fields and specialities: the broad unknown dialect getting the hang of, acing of data advances and advancing escalated enlightening ties on various dimensions.
  • Our college shows a reliable and efficient enthusiasm for the dialects of its neighbors.
  • Nine dialects among them Ukrainian, English, German, French, Russian, Hungarian, Romanian, Slovak and Czech are being considered seriously at the University.


There are different vocal, pop and choreographic gatherings in the understudy relaxation focus 'Juventus'. An extraordinary matter of pride at our college is the novice exhibitions by the male ensemble 'Boyan'.

Twenty-four games are being created in the college. Our understudies and instructors are national and title holders, experts of game of national and global position in power lifting, handball, olympic style sports games, swimming, and so on.

College groups take an interest effectively in national titles in American football, rugby football, baseball, ball and netball.

Every one of the six corridors of habitation house four thousand understudies. There are rec centers with wellness hardware where understudies can prepare arm wrestling and hand to hand fighting preparing. The entrance is allowed whenever and is free. All alone activity the understudies can make different social orders to appreciate music dramatization, verse and various types of move.


The college drives a volunteering development in the district. The study hall and passage for individuals with handicaps have been made in our college. Just three higher instructive foundations in Ukraine have such offices.

College look into library includes more than 1.5 million reports on various capacity media. It provides food for in excess of 20 thousand per users. Its vault gets in excess of 15 thousand Ukrainian and outside reports, around 250 scholastic periodicals. A large number of one of kind examples of book-printing, incunabula which turned out in Latin before 1500 and the Ostrog Bible printed by Ivan Fyodorov in 1581 specifically, are being put away in the library.

The Museum of Zoology contains 5 thousand displays from various mainlands. Its safe has in excess of 150 thousand examples of fauna. It has the best in Central Europe accumulation of flying creatures of prey and owls (in excess of 170 stuffed winged animals) gathered in Zakarpattia and Eastern Slovakia.

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