Pre-Medical courses prepare students to join medical schools. These courses aims to provide vital information on medical science before a student apply to become medical student. A student on a pre-medical track is permitted to choose any undergraduate medical course. These courses allow the matriculation students from around the world regardless of their educational system of their home country.


We heartily welcome fresher students who wish to continue their studies at the Medical University in Ukraine. The duration of the course is one year and if completed successfully, a diploma is awarded to the student. Any students from science stream can take the advantage of pre-medical courses.


Our pre-medical courses are designed in such a way that student can successfully prepares themselves for the entrance in medical schools. Our teachers and faculties has friendly relationship with the pre-medical students, they help students in every aspect of medical studies. All our pre-medical courses are conducted in English as well as in Russian as per the convenience of students.


During the first semester we provide basic knowledge about Communication Skills, General Biology I, Inorganic Chemistry, Medical Terminology I. In the Second half we provide basics of General Biology II, Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology, Introduction to Cytophysiology and Microscopic Anatomy. Our pre-medical course help student to develop their skills in making of scientific notes, mastering medical terminology, understanding and writing medical ethics conducted in University Classrooms.