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The combined programme plans to give a high caliber and expertly pertinent graduate & Masters programme, creating in students a basic energy about the job directors embrace in the cutting edge business world. Graduates will be furnished with the important aptitudes and learning for a multi-disciplinary way to deal with different business, data correspondence innovation and the executives issues. On fruition of a degree secured by the subject benchmark articulation, an understudy ought to have the accompanying subject explicit learning and understanding, psychological aptitudes, common behavioral sense, proficiency and transferable abilities.

As the effective culmination of the programme, obviously the students have numerous segments to begin their careers with industries like vocation with like Manufacturing, Health Care, Hospitality & Tourism, Export and trading houses, Financial concerns, Academic Facilities & Institutions, Banks, PSUs, Techo-commercial Companies, NGOs, and a plethora of options more.

Students are bound to gain both as far as development prospects and pay scale in the wake of doing this programme and most sorted accessible employment positions are in Marketing, Finance, Operations, Human Resource, Techno-Commercial.

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